Most sailing YouTubers make peanuts on The Finance Professor Podcast’s episode 2.

I know everybody knows what a great gig the crew of SV Delos and Sailing La Vagabonde has making weekly videos and sailing around the world. Unfortunately, most of the roughly 400 sailing vlogs on YouTube make next to nothing. Hey, its the movie business! Most actors don’t make as much a Brad Pitt either!
Most folks crowdfunding on Patreon make $73 per video or less. On my new podcast, The Finance Professor Podcast, on iTunes (your purple iPhone podcast app), Google Play for Android, Stitcher, and Podbean, I introduce and read my most recent study, “A Little Bit of Money Goes a Long Way: Crowdfunding on Patreon by YouTube Sailing-Channels”. (Hit the orange download button.)
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This probably means that you should not quit your job or business. Instead, think about sailing around the world part-time if you are not ready to retire just yet

Ep. 2: Crowdfunding on Patreon on The Finance Professor Podcast with Linus Wilson

The JOBS Act opened up a lot of crowdfunding opportunities for entrepreneurs. That also means much more research opportunities for finance professors. In the second episode, I read my recent working paper “A Little Bit of Money Goes a Long Way: Crowdfunding on Patreon by YouTube Sailing Channels“. (Click the orange download button to get a pdf of the full paper.)

The abstract says:

“This study finds that YouTube channels crowdfunding on Patreon have more frequent video creation. The median YouTube channel that crowdfunded on Patreon produced a video every 7.5 days compared to 105 days for the median comparable channel that did not link to Patreon. Crowdfunders have more views per video, are more likely to link to their Facebook pages, and uploaded videos more frequently. While two channels in the sample, each earned over $150,000 in 2016 from Patreon, the typical crowdfunding sailing channel earned $73 per video, per month, or creation. It appears that a little bit of money was associated with a big increase in new video production.”

I believe my study is the first academic study about this rapidly crowdfunding platform called Patreon.

Introducing the Finance Professor Podcast Hosted by Linus Wilson

This is the post excerpt.

The Finance Professor Podcast is hosted by Linus Wilson. Dr. Wilson earned his Ph.D. in 2007 from Oxford University. He has taught thousands of finance students at all levels. His research is in banking, financial crises, CEO pay, and corporate finance. He has been a source for over two hundred major news stories in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, and other news organizations. He is a leading scholar on the TARP bank bailouts of the great recession.

I’ll be reading my academic research initially. Over time I may interview other scholars relevant to financial research.