Blow Up YT Algorithm 2019: Watch Time v. % Retention on YouTube #YouTubeAlgorithm #GetMoreViews

There is a big debate among video creators if they should focus on percent audience retention versus minutes watch time per view. Dr. Linus Wilson uses his groundbreaking study to settle this debate as to which metric will trigger the YouTube algorithm and allow you to have a viral video that blows up the internet.

This is based on Dr. Wilson’s study “Clickbait Works! The secret to getting views with the YouTube algorithm”

Wilson, Linus, Clickbait Works! The secret to getting views with the YouTube algorithm (April 9, 2019). Available at SSRN:

Click the link. Hit the download button. Click the link to download without registering below the dude’s picture. Prove you are not a computer, and you have the algorithm study that can blow up your channel for FREE.


In 2018, YouTube began releasing click-through rates (CTR) data to its video creators. Since 2012, YouTube has emphasized how it favors watch time over clicks in its recommendations to viewers. This is the first academic study employing that data to test what matters more for views on YouTube. Is watch time or CTR more important to getting views on YouTube? This paper finds no to limited evidence that higher percent audience retention or and total average watch time per view are associated with more views on YouTube. Instead, videos with higher CTR got significantly more views as did videos on trending or newsworthy topics. The marginal benefit in terms of views scaled by subscribers of increased CTR is between 71 and 318 times larger than the marginal benefits of increased watch time per view.

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