Take the 25-mile “Caravan” Challenge

I don’t understand the hype and fear associated with the “Caravan” of Hondurans walking over 1,000 miles across Mexico. I am still fascinated by it as an endurance challenge. I believe every American would change their life (for the better) if they would try to live one part of one day in these refugees footsteps. The CNN report that I watched said they were going to walk 25-miles that day with over 1,000 miles to go to the USA border. (They had 40 more days of walking ahead!)

This is my proposal as a 3-time marathon (26.2 mile) finisher and one-time marathon failure. This is my proposal as someone who has sailed his boat at an average speed of less than 5 mph over twenty percent of the earth’s circumference. This is my proposal as one who has read the stories of Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and Appalacian Trail through hikers and the ones who could not complete those challenges:

Walk for 25-miles in one day.

Take your money, cell phone, water, and any other modern convenience that you have, walk on the sidewalks of your home town or its parks. Walk in a straight line or in a loop. Stop for meals and drinks, but try to walk the distance. Perhaps you will cover 2, 8, 10, 20, 25, 26.2, or 30 miles before succumbing to tiredness or injury. Then, get a ride to your comfortable climate controlled bed (which the Honduran walkers lack) and see if you don’t admire them. After walking 25-miles in one day, see if you don’t believe they are superheroes on par with Rocketman or Wolverine in the comic books.IMG_2351

The author hiking in the island of Ua Pou, Marquesas, French Polynesia in June 2017.

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