Find the Cost of DEBT with free FINRA data

In this video, Professor Linus Wilson calculates the weighted average cost of debt using FINRA data. Calculating the cost of debt is important for corporations making capital budgeting decisions as a key component of the company cost of capital as measured by the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). Finding a company’s cost of debt is important for business valuation.

FINRA stands for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

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We mentioned chapter 14 (Cost of Capital) in

Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W. Westerfield, and Bradford D. Jordan, 2013, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance: Alternate Edition, 10th ed., New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin, (ISBN: 978-0-07-747945-9).

This video does not represent the views of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, FINRA, or the authors of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. This is not investment advice.


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